Week in Haiti

Be Like Brit calls those who visit Brit's Home in Haiti "Britsionarys". Our Britsionary program was created to provide an opportunity for volunteers to gain a better understanding of global partnerships and cultures. Short-term Britsionary groups take a one week service trip to the Brit's Home in Haiti, to help with youth and community outreach projects and immerse themselves in the beautiful Haitian culture.

Long Term

Our competitive long term Britsionary Program gives an individual the opportunity to stay at Brit's Home for an extended amount of time. This Program has a separate application and needs to be pre-approved before coming to Brit's Home.


If you are a Medical Professional, we have an 1150 sq. ft. clinic on site where you will have the opportunity to provide medical care to our children, staff and possibly the community.

Local Volunteer Opportunities

Here at the Operation Center, or as we call it the ‘OC’ in Worcester, we have many different volunteer opportunities. Whether you’re looking for ways to volunteer as a family, work/ school group or individually we have many opportunities for people of all ages to help... Learn More