Education in Haiti

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66 children live and thrive at Brit's Home in Haiti - would you like to meet them?

Thank you for being interested in our child sponsorship program. For as little as $33 a month you can help the children who live at Brit's Home to be successful in life!

Direct Support

When you sponsor a child at Be Like Brit, you are directly supporting the life-saving and life-changing programs that make it possible for us to raise the next generation of leaders in Haiti. Sponsorship helps offset the costs associated with providing each of Be Like Brit’s children with secure shelter, nutritious food, clean water, education, medical and dental care and enrichment programs that are truly raising the standard of care in the developing world.

Be LIke Brit
Education in Haiti


At Be Like Brit we want our children to be well-rounded Haitian citizens. One of the ways to accomplish this is by having the children attend local educational schools where they are with other local Haitian children. In addition to the traditional education, Be Like Brit has advanced educational software, such as ABC Mouse, that the children use to further their education outside the classroom. They are all learning English which will help them to compete for jobs on a global level.

Medical & Dental

On the first floor of Brit's Home in Haiti there is a 1,150 square foot medical and dental clinic that serves all of our children and visiting volunteers. Medical professionals from all over come to Be Like Brit to help care for our children and our community which is in desperate need of these services. We also utilize telemedicine and other virtual medical platforms to enhance our ability to care for the children.

Medical and Dental in Haiti
Faith in Haiti


Be Like Brit is an ecumenical home, which means we accept all faiths. Our children come from different backgrounds and different faiths and we accept them all. We believe that a solid faith foundation within the child will point them in the right direction.

Endless Love

Be Like Brit Foundation, Inc. is based on the United Nations Rights of a Child. In addition to that, our top priority is to make sure Britney's spirit is alive at BLB. At Be Like Brit, it is forbidden to hit a child. We believe that with a strong faith foundation and a loving atmosphere, these children will grow to be the next generation of Leaders in Haiti.

Love in Haiti
Love in Haiti

Sponsorship Updates

When you sponsor a child at Be Like Brit, you will have access to a secure, private page – a virtual “Living Room” – where exclusive updates and information will be posted about the child you sponsor. While we encourage sponsors to use this page as a way to communicate with other sponsors, sponsorship is in no way meant to foster a sense of ownership or access to a child. Your gift is a gift of support and love and will be rewarded with the joy of watching our children grow, learn and thrive. In addition to this virtural living room, you will receive a more comprehensive update from the child you sponsor a minimum of once per year, as well as more personal items that the child you sponsor has made.