The Operations Center in Worcester, Massachusetts


The OC

One of Britney’s favorite shows growing up was The OC, so fittingly Be Like Brit’s Operation Center has become known as “The OC.” We are located at 66 Pullman Street in Worcester, Massachusetts. Originally, Be Like Brit’s headquarters was the kitchen table at the Gengel’s home in Holden, but thanks to dedicated supporters, The OC is now a fully equipped office that enhances Be Like Brit's ability to continue Britney’s compassion.


The OC allows Be Like Brit to further strengthen the relationship with the local US community, collaborate with volunteers, communicate with Brit's Home in Haiti, store donated items in the 1,100 square foot warehouse, and utilize the four offices, volunteer room and conference room to effectively run the internal operations.


Special Thanks

Be Like Brit sincerely thanks Doug and LeeAnn Peterson and The George F. and Sybil H. Fuller Foundation, the local Government (for their compassion) and all of the committed supporters listed below in our “Hall of Fame”. Doug and LeeAnn donated the building to Be Like Brit, The George F. and Sybil H. Fuller Foundation awarded us a grant to complete construction, and the US Government provided endless support. Without these individuals and institutions, the Operation Center would have never been possible!

Hall of Fame

  • Joan Gengel Pentland
  • Pat Kalagher
  • Alan & Alfonse Roseberry (Dynamic Fire Protection)
  • Stephen Weaver & Andy Palombo (Dynamic Fire Protection)
  • Steve Helle (Granite City Electric)
  • Greg Smith (Granite City Electric)
  • Jeff Hammond (Granite City Electric)
  • Dave Bennett (Granite City Electric)
  • Jim Herlihy (Herlihy Insurance)
  • David Horn (Building Department)
  • Katie Donovan (Department of Public Works)
  • Kristin Hervey
  • Doreen Dunn
  • Melissa Jean Provost
  • Keith Chenot
  • Moe & Jay Finlay
  • Bernie, Mark & Matt Melican
  • Peter Alden (Bay State Savings Bank)
  • Mark Leff (Salem 5)
  • Paul Novak
  • Jeff Villemire
  • Carl Johnson
  • Bob Anderson (Anderson Construction)
  • Dave Campaniello
  • Pat Warren
  • Bob Goodell
  • John Godek
  • Barry Wolff
  • Ed Pape (Lashua Door)
  • Peter Little (Closet & Storage)
  • Paul Scully (Country bank)
  • Eric Devine (Country bank)
  • David Glispin (Sunshine Sign Company)
  • Brian Glispin (Sunshine Sign Company)
  • Ben Gauthier (Sunshine Sign Company)
  • Kevin Scopetski (Benjamin Moore)
  • Barry Latour (Republic Services)
  • Mark Cappellucci (Bricklayers Local)
  • Joe Dennehy (Harvey Windows)
  • John Whalen (Granite Group)
  • Teddy Leahy (Leahy Excavating)
  • Jim Berube (Jed’s Hardware)
  • Jim Lauring (Lauring Construction)
  • Bruce Hemming (Shaw’s Carpet)
  • Paul Gallant
  • Joe Toomey (Toomey Rental)
  • Rod Paquette (R.J.Paquette LLC)
  • Jim Demarco
  • Mark Sinkewich (Wachusett Landscape)
  • John Shepherd (Shepherd Engineering)
  • Maria & Eric Richmond (Ransford Pet Control)
  • John Schnare (L&R Sales)
  • Derrick Carlson (Carlson Tree Services)
  • Ron Perry (Nstar Gas)
  • Gary Pierce
  • Duke Stoddard
  • John Shepherd
  • Kevin Siemen
  • Colleen Gardner (National Grid)
  • Mike Lund

  • Lauren Gwozdz
  • Matt & Laura Marino
  • Jim Phaneuf
  • Shelby Hutchinson
  • Wendy Heineman
  • Jessica Bracy
  • Jenna Stansky
  • Kathy Dolan
  • Cindy Miers
  • The Calvano Family
  • Janice Rezuke
  • Zach Zompetti
  • Doreen & Ashley Bauckman
  • Bill Salom
  • Katie Parker
  • The Preston Family
  • Kathy & Bill O’Connor
  • Rosie Henry
  • Carolyn Henry
  • Sue Butler
  • Jessica & Cindy Hanam
  • Pat Hudson
  • Joe Seebode
  • Michelle Tetreault
  • Jessica Gibson
  • Ashley Erkoc
  • Karen & Tom Walsh
  • Meghan Twombly
  • Katie DiLeo
  • Cathy Gengel
  • Katie, Shelby & Chris Reed
  • Bert Drexler
  • Kathy Nagle
  • Kevin Kuney
  • Betsy & Natalie Wood