Introducing Diane

My life changed completely when I moved to Haiti three years ago to embark a new chapter of my life that brought about a new working career and opportunity. My name is Diane Gaillard and I am the most recent hire at the Be Like Brit Home. Prior to working here, I was living and working in a town by the name of Jacmel where I was hired as the In-Country Director. This was my first work experience overseas and with children that are orphans. I was learning a new job, a new culture, and having the time of my life.

Living in Haiti has been life changing because of the many life lessons it has to offer. I was learning more about the Haitian culture that I was raised in. This time I was living in it, face to face with my roots as I had to redefine what it meant to be a Haitian here. I was learning more about life and all the invaluable lessons that Haiti was already providing me.

This year I moved to a new location in Haiti that is about 60 miles from Jacmel, called Grand Goave to accept a new position with the Be Like Brit organization. I work as the Weekend Program Director and Assistant Administrative Director. This opportunity is unique because I manage on two different sides of the organization while working with the children on the weekends and administration during the week. This position is also an answered prayer, timely and just what I desired to advance my career.

Once again, I am having the time of my life while I explore a new job site in Haiti. From the children, to the scenery, to the uniqueness of each day, living life in Haiti feels good and is my new norm is waking up to the beauty that exists here.

I have experienced so many great and challenging moments working at the BLB home. The children are all unique with each of them adding a different flavor to the bunch. I am reminded of how I am able to share my life experiences with them to help them advance in this Haitian culture. As I help the children achieve their goals, they equally shape and mold my world daily. I am mother here, a mother of children that I oversee daily. I have my hands literally full. I am challenged every day to be a greater leader, a better soul, to impact this culture, this people, and going to bed at night knowing that I am making the difference here is rewarding and is equally fulfilling.