A Letter From Papi Len

Papi Len

Thirteen years ago, building an Orphanage in Haiti was a conversation to honor Brit’s last wish. Today, we are humbled to be able to continue growing as we ask you to help support the Second Generation of Leaders in Haiti at Brit’s Home. 


Last fall we brought four little girls into Brit’s home so that Janila (the first child in our second generation) could have some siblings to play, grow and thrive with. Two weeks ago we brought in three little guys who make a total of eight children in the six and younger group. These three little boys are under the watchful eye of Jonas who has been a Caregiver of the past five years. With a total of 72 children at Brit’s Home, we now have 13 young adults in our transition Home and 19 sets of siblings. We excited to share that we are just two and a half years away from our first group of high school graduates! 

We have what’s called a Rolling Enrollment at Brit’s Home, meaning as our young adults move to our Transition Home (Age 18 and above) it opens up space in Brit’s Home for more little ones. We feel the younger we can get toddler’s into Brit’s Home the better, as there is less trauma on each child. They will also be able to adapt and begin learning English and French. Both Jonas (little boy's Caregiver) and Onese (little girl's Caregiver) are proficient in English and teach our little ones English and French on a daily basis.


Child sponsorship remains our most important program as we remain dedicated to the raising and supporting the next generation of leaders. We cannot control what goes on in Haiti, but we can control what goes on inside Brit’s Security Walls. With food inflation at an all-time high (100% in the last 2 years) we would like to ask our child sponsors to consider raising your donation from $33 to $50, $66 to $75 or even a $100 a month. We honor your donation with a 3rd party audit every year that is open to the Public for Review, We have a Platinum Status on Charity Navigator to show you that we are prudent with spending your donation.


You have my word, as Papi Len, to stay committed for the rest of my life to raising the next generation of leaders in Haiti and to honor our daughter/sister Britney’s last wish!  Please consider becoming a monthly sponsor at BeLikeBrit.org/brits-kids.


Keeping the Faith in Haiti and the USA!!!

Papi Len